Sales Tracker App

Sales tracker app trace your sales progress

The sales tracker app helps business people, marketing agencies and wholesalers in managing clients on just a few clicks.

The active sales companies operate based on robust collaboration and smooth decision making capability.

SalesSure sales tracking app lets you track and take productive decisions about your sales progress across locations.

We give you the updates on meeting progress, ongoing negotiations and closures.

Sales Tracking app traces your sales visit timely, which leads to a healthy rapport with customers.

What are the best features of SaleSure sales tracker?

  • Become a pro by this lead tracking app as its
  • Keeps you updated with followups notification
  • Track your appointments even when you are on the journey.
  • It locates leads and give you the desired results.

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    How the sales tracking app benefits your sales?

    The sales tracking app retains the records of leads, possibilities, consumers, meetings, memos and followup, which supports you to stay productive every time and increases your sales.

    We connect reliable real-time daily sales reporting updates to keep a tab on each sales agent.

    How it helps? 

    Our app give you a real-time action plan of every individual sales agent used in the field.

    The sales tracker is performed on a route viewer and on client designs, which goes to show that our app is an exceptionally collaborative solution for sales.

    Armed with regular updates, sales organisations are not left scrambling for follow-ups; instead, they are focused on taking decisions.

    With the sales tracker, you can use our daily route plan creation focused around most proximal clients.

    Manage and record your sales activities? Try SaleSure

    The Free Sales CRM app is indeed an essential aspect of business sales and marketing for salespeople.

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